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Another Milestone

IMG_5715“Congratulations, graduates!”

For the past six years, I have had this statement on my mind: “Study now. Win later.” I did so, expecting myself as a successful graduate later on. Years later, I did. All the sleepless nights, blank thinkings during Mathematics, and sore hands from all the writing and typing have paid off.

This is it, I thought.

Although I was excited and happy, I was also nervous and lonely. Because after nine years, I would have to leave my school as I transfer to a new one. I’d definitely miss my former teachers, and some of my classmates who were staying there.

So this is what they called separation anxiety?

But I had one thing in mind for sure– it’s all worth it. With my new school, I have more opportunities. More open doors, and bigger ones. I’d be transferring with some other friends and classmates, too.

We’d be stepping on a new milestone.

Elementary years… I’d miss it. I earned what I deserve, and I know it. My awards, medals, and certificates. All from hard work. From being a campus journalist, campus photographer, and definitely for being a student myself.

Thank you to my Mom– for being ever so supportive in everything that I have done, my Dad for being himself, Lola for raising me just perfectly, and Lolo for driving me to school everyday with no complain. My advisers for being the best second parents I could have. Teacher Anne, thank you for teaching me better in Campus Journalism and English. My friends– for being the stupidest and weirdest people that actually make me feel alive when I know I’m dying from all the work.

Thank you, Bambino; for shaping me to the best I could be. For everything.




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