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An Open Letter for My Friend’s Heartbreaker

Hi, how are you? Are you happy? Are you happy that you broke his heart? Why are you doing this? Why are you filling my head with so many questions?

I’m sure he loved you. I’m sure he cherished you for all he can. I know. I know because I was there for the both of you. I watched the relationship grow. It was beautiful how I saw it bloom to one amazing flower. He loved you. He loved you, you loved him, but circumstances couldn’t be avoided.

Yes. He left. He left just because he wanted you to feel secure. “It’ll be alright. I’d rather stop this and see her everyday than continue this and be forever separated from her.” He did this for you because he loved you. He left you broken, yes. You know your side, but do you know his side? He sacrificed being with you for the sake of you.

You are so selfish. You aren’t the only victim. He was hurt, too.

Time passed and you have decided to move on. Little did you know that pieces of yourself were still in his heart. It has always been there. You decided to be with another man. And that man is his best friend.

Of all people why his best friend? Can’t you give at least a little respect? He does not understand why you’re doing this. He’s thinking, maybe you thought he wanted yu away? But no, he did not want you away. He wanted the best for you.

Seeing you happy with your new man is a gunshot in his heart. You could not showthe  least of respect you could give him. You did not see, but he cried and cried and cried. His love, who once loved him, is now with his best friend.

Now he has let you go with hopes that you’ll be happy with your new. I hope so too. I wish you sincere happiness and love ad I wish this too, for my friend you left in pieces.

A concerned friend,




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